While I am working I save my files as ‘test’, so that I know what to delete later. If I should forget to delete them I often find small bits of film on my computer that again looks interesting. It is like finding visual references to a way of thinking and may well be a key to a direction of work.

Such is the diversity of people that, work which may hit a certain pitch in this way, usually finds the most surprising results in terms of festivals, the media and being shown.

I always work  from memory, trying to make aesthetic imagery and building film, in the same way that I might paint a picture.

Of the films here on this page;

The human situation

“Truths can be both beautiful and mysterious. The best cure for sea sickness; sit under a tree”

I knew this one was too much for the festivals but was screened at a festival for ‘Barbaric filmmakers’ Festival mau , Se Ivajaria e video animal and then Arc Musicos, Faro, Portugal, and Portobello and the great “Cyborg ff’ Italy. It was actually a part of the ‘Supermen in suits’ trilogy.

Censored by S.I.S and given clearance to be shown to Portuguese only audiences in confined private spaces with no fumberlings and absolute concentration. The film is ‘The human situation’ and is a comedy, in the same mien as Dante’s trilogy but with more gags.

With three related ideas:

1. That if you wear a suit you can fly

2. Good looking women can make some real good money on the internet

3. All good things come to he of ambition.

There are a million sayings that have an element of truth and although the trilogy may appeal more to a wicked sense of humour I hope I have made a simple film that is not part of a main stream.

The taming of Tema’s terrible temper

The taming of tema’s terrible temper was re-built from a college 16mm film by scanning and ‘drawn again’ with 3d, turned down by many festivals until it was included in the ‘Prix de la Creation’ at clerrmont ferrand and selected to tour schools in France as part of an education program. Later shown at st Persburg Open Cinema and recently at the streaming festival in the Hague, the WorldArts Filmfest.Fl, USA and Flexiff, Sydney Australia

A very quiet film

I credited this to my sister Beverley so that I could get two films shown in one year at the esff Mosco. It was also included as one of the best 80 films of the past decade at esff80, along with ‘Supermen in Suits’.

The dolls house

Originally made as a one minute film for the one minute festivals, hence the frenetic pace,. Experimenting with shapes and texture. Shown at ; Anime new territories Italy .Cyborg Film Fest Italy Exploding cinema London Portobello London Situarte –Inquisition yard, Coimba,Portugal.

Raison d’ Etre

The quality if life is in discovery and appreciation. I think everybody must have ideas, which form all kinds of projects. Sometimes we recognise a shared response to something, perhaps an experience. .I think everybody must have ideas, which form all kinds of projects. . I have tried to make a film which represents human qualities; feeling, sensitivity and trial rather than system or style. With 3d figures made to look like they had been drawn without using any of the drawing ‘effects’ or pluggins available. It’s about people , movement, freedom of ideas, expression. the sound is me and guitar.

Raison d’ Etre was only screened at Portobello, London and by videolab Algave, Portugal.

The burdens of the eternal realm

The burdens of the eternal realm was my first computer animation and is full of memory and experiments with using programs. It won an award at the esff Novosibirsk (later moved to Moscow) under the guidance of the artist Demtry Bulgyn. Later shown at the cyborg sci-fi festival.