Supermen in suits

Inspired by the wonderful world of office work, filing cabinets and all the adventures therein. A short film full of complexity and importance.

Kiri Uma and the flying man


Kiri uma and the flying man is a simple film about innocence. A story of logical progression, sensitivity and respect in response to human appreciation and awareness.  In Sri Lanka ‘Kiri Uma’ means ‘milk mother’. The flying man is a theme to represent creation or freedom. As I work, I try to learn new ways to communicate and express a concern for development and perception. For this film the images are all related to influence and experience. I think everything; visually directed, has a place in our understanding and therefore, attempt a conscious effort to supply new information.

Counting sheep

Most of my work is a bit shaky. ‘Counting sheep’ is a comedy of the satirical, psychological type; Human observations, experiences and a touchy nervous system. The story has all the tension of unpaid bills along with the sudden realization we all have at some time that all is not as we had planned. With the imagery I have experimented with movement, very subdued colour and what might be unusual drawing to try to make this film different. I hope you enjoy it but, here’s some advice; if you can’t sleep tonight- try counting sheep!


For every action there is a reaction; within human subterfuge, experience and confusion. Equinox will be showing at the esff 2008.

Karumi in a fruitcake


(Or fear of being evaluated negatively in social situations)

For all the philosophies, systems and cultures, we are all different. Each and everyone are mostly unaware, inhibited and alone. All that is needed for a healthy, productive and creative life is available but, our societies choose to restrain genuine emotion in favor of dogmatic organization.
Naturally, people become a little nervous and insecure as they make their way.

Cash out